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Subcutaneous Injections

Testosterone Injections

How can I track my medicine shipment?

Your medication will arrive anywhere between 1-7 days once the pharmacy’s queued. When the pharmacy sends out your medication, we will notify you with the tracking number of your shipment.  If you’d like to get tracking and updates, please type in your tracking number at

What do I do about refills?

  • It is strongly advised to refill before you take your last dose.  
  • We recommend setting up a calendar reminder for your refill 60 days from the date on the prescription bottle.
  • We send out friendly reminders typically around the 60-day mark.
    • You can refill any medication at any time, however, we will only Rx testosterone and HCG every 60 days from the date on your last Rx.   

*Always notify us when change of address and change of Credit Card numbers to avoid errors.

TRT: All three run for 10 weeks, so they all run together.  If you purchased the Pharmaceutical Vit. D3 Injectable, it will also get refilled at the same time with all your three TRT medications.

What are the common mistakes and terms when it comes to mixing?

1. Make sure to mix the HCG with “1 ml for every 1,000 ius of HCG contained in the bottle”. *LOOK at the medication label — if the bottle contains 5,000ius, then add 5mls of bacteriostatic water.

Mix only ONE bottle at a time — mix the second bottle when you are ready to use it.

2. DO NOT put the Testosterone Cypionate bottle in the fridge. It will ruin the medication.
*The only meds that go in the fridge are the Glutathione. The HCG and Sermorelin also go in the fridge after mixed as instructed.

3. 1 cc = 1 ml

4. An international unit (IU) is an internationally accepted amount of a substance. This type of measure is used for the fat-soluble vitamins (such as vitamins A, D and E) and certain hormones, enzymes, and biologicals (such as vaccines).

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